Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?
A computer cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website.  Cookies help deliver a webpage which is tailored to the users needs based on their browsing preferences.

Can Cookies harm my computer?
No they cannot harm your computer. Cookies cannot contain viruses.

Why do Gigantic Toy Box use Cookies? use cookies to enhance your shopping experience with us. These cookies make it faster and easier for you to navigate our website. We may also use cookies to customise web pages for you and remember your preferences during your visit. We will collect data to identify you browsing our website so that we can improvements.

We utilise Google analytics which helps collect information about how many people visit our website and where these visitors came from. We us this information to improve our website. also uses google remarking tracking cookies. This allows us to continue to show you tailored ads that we think will be of interest to you across Google's content network. We respect our customers privacy, we do not collect any identifiable information through the use of Google remarketing system or any other cookies we might chose to use.

What if I don’t want to allow cookies?
If you would prefer not to allow us to use cookies in your browser, we use a cookie control system which allows the user on their first visit to our website to allow or disallow the use of cookies on their computer.  Alternatively you can set your browser to reject cookies.

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